The Corrupted Archive is an artistic project that explores the implications of corrupted contents in our system of reality. Its visual aim is the creation of a collective collection through an open participatory process. Its form constantly evolves, shaped by the direct contributions of artists and the audience.

The audience is called to implement the archive, submitting their personal corrupted files, thus supporting the growth of the raw collection.
At the same time, artists from different disciplines use the archive as a generative matrix for artistic reinterpretations. Their work opens up new spaces for questioning and reflecting on the archive’s contents.

More info on how to participate can be found on the Take Part page.

You can browse the collection through two sections: /* Archive */ and /* Works */.


The Archive section contains the corrupted contents submitted by the audience, mixed with the artworks produced by the artists. The browsing generates an ever-changing experience, based on algorithmic randomized processes. You can navigate through different search parameters, and you can search for a file using its filename.

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Artist's work

The Artist’s work section includes the art pieces created by artists, using the archive as a starting point for production. Artists are invited to participate through direct calls and spontaneous applications. Any kind of reinterpretation that can be packed in a digital file is accepted (text, audio, video, image).

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For general enquires and contact the team:

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