We live in a world where images come before reality, where the physicality of the world resides in the image’s matter.

What happens when an image falls apart? Does it mean a piece of reality is getting lost? Is there such a thing as meaning? Does it reside in the surface or in the structure of contents?

The Corrupted Archive is a generative art research that focuses on the point where visual contents collapse, altering their given structure and their perceived presence. It explores the dichotomic states of the signified and the mutation of its visual signifier, considering the error a space of decisional autonomy of a machine-based nature.

Artists are called to explore this gray area, adding their human perspective to the reinterpretation of the archive’s contents. The audience is called to participate submitting their personal corrupted files.

Together they build a visual research on the materiality we live in.

The archive follows a non-linear structure, dismantling the visual hierarchy between contents. The display of elements is algorithmically randomized, making them traceable only through their filename.

In the single pages dedicated to each content, you have parameters that categorize what you are looking at. You can browse the archive clicking on these parameters.

Every time you move through the archive, your visual experience will change.

You can get lost.
You can take notes.
You can create memories.

Visual contents are ephemeral, your experience too.